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At present, we cannot deny the need of cars. The more cars are needed the energy used with cars is also important as well. But at present, most cars are driven by oil energy which causes pollution and the price is increasing more and more. With the advantages of a 100% electric car, whether it is saving costs and maintenance costs, helping to reduce pollution, silence and the acceleration of the driver's heart With these advantages Thus causing many governments in the country All together supporting electric cars And make use of electric cars There are growing numbers throughout all regions of the world. And in Thailand, it has started to awaken the current of electric cars But still not very popular May be an important factor of the electric car that is not enough to meet the demand That is the power charging station itself.

Voltz Energy Company Limited sees the limitations at this point and wants to be a part in helping to push the current of electric cars in Thailand grow. Therefore created a platform For the general public Can join to own the power charging station for electric cars And we will continue to increase the popularity of electric cars, such as generating income from renting electric cars or bringing electric cars to join as a taxi in the future.

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